Dumas Strong 

At least once each week, I get to listen to one close family member or friend voice his or her discontent with the many changes that have taken place in our beloved Dumas over the past decade or so.  I’m pretty good at reading between the lines, so I usually don’t get too bent out of shape by any of that.  I kind of get that most are really very thankful for their upbringing here and wish they could bottle up some of that goodness to take back to their respective big cities.  I also get that the grumble in their voices happens almost as a reflex.  The most frequent complaints are related to the lack of jobs and the feeling that schools are not able to relate anymore. I could go on and on, but the truth is pretty straight forward. Tons of small communities are experiencing the same struggles as Dumas.  It’s not uncommon to see the steady decline in population, fewer jobs, and schools that are struggling in some way each year.  But that’s not all there is to the story.

Did you know that there is actually a surge in Americans, young and old, who are seeking small towns to either relocate to raise families or to retire? It’s true.  Fact check, please.  Many communities of comparable size are managing to create and sustain better than average paying jobs, productive schools, and at least one safe outlet for the occasional night entertainment.  Somehow, Dumas, and that includes me, simply has not kept up with the changing world around us.  The intent of that statement is not to speculate blame but instead to stimulate conversation and subsequent forward change.  Both are long overdue.  To that call to action, I add a challenge.  Be a part of the change you want to see.

Karen Spinks-Fuller 

Join us for open and honest exchange.

“Dumas:  Where are you going?”

Dumas Community Center

10:00 a.m., Saturday, November 18

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3 thoughts on “Dumas Strong 

  1. I am a believer in Fertile Soil’s mission. Building, empowering, and nurturing young minds should be the mindset of every educator. Not only those educators in the school system but those who serve the community. Two thumbs up!

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