A Glimpse of Progression 

Ok. So where do I start?

Found a location last week. Or so I thought… Reached out to the owner. He passed the baton off to his associate. She and I met up at the location and conversed a bit. She expressed to me that “not one soul had so much as called to ask about the property in almost two years.” We were both excited and equally hopeful. Over the course of a week, we conversed a bit more and scheduled a date to finalize. Two days prior to the meeting day, I reached out to confirm. No answer. No return call. No response to text… Remember that I feel everything, so of course my gut told me that something was running off route. I called again the day of and, to no surprise, the response, or lack thereof, was the same. I drove to the meeting place anyway. “Maybe their phones are tripping this week.” I told myself. When no one showed, I reached out to the owner again. He answered and said that he needed to call me back. He did so very promptly.

“Ma’am. We have actually sold that property. It sold yesterday.  It’s not that we were any less interested in selling it to you. It’s just that they needed a place in a hurry and were able to pay on the spot.”

Talk about devastated! But I didn’t cry until I got into the shower later that night. Silently, I sobbed tears of disappointment, confusion, and frustration. “Like why I can’t find a place to grow?” “Where my silver spoon at?” “Why does their money spend better than mine?” “Maybe I need to just say forget it…” Sheesh.

Nothing dramatic has happened since that conversation. No flashing lights from heaven. No sirens going off in my head. Just blah. I called a few friends and ranted. As encouragement, the two 93ers offered a few expletives with a side of we still love you though. The coach gave one hellofa “get back in the game” spill. And the BFF listened to me cry in his ear for almost three full minutes before gently reassuring me that I am strong so everything would be alright.

I wish I knew exactly what to do next but I don’t. This morning I made it to The House. There was sobering peace and direction there. I needed a big dose of both today, so I’m thankful for this small glimpse of progress. I guess you can say I am still very committed to finding my Fertile Soil, my place to grow!

Karen Spinks – Fuller

fertile soil